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Should I Know What Macular Degeneration Is?

There are a variety of conditions, injuries, and genetic disorders that can affect your vision. It’s a good idea to know about the signs and symptoms of these conditions so they can be caught and treated early. One to look out for, in particular, is age-related macular degeneration. Keep reading to learn more about what… Read More

What Age Will I Start Developing Cataracts?

A cataract is an eye condition that usually affects older people. However, cataracts can begin growing in the eye even as early as a person’s forties. Fortunately, cataracts develop slowly. The visual effects of cataracts can take decades actually to become a problem.  The symptoms are usually manageable for many years until the symptoms begin… Read More

What Are The Best At Home Dry Eye Treatments?

Dry eyes affect millions every year, primarily because the eye condition can start for many various reasons. Your eyes need tears in order to function.  If there is a problem with making those tears, your eyes will suffer for it. Itchiness, grittiness, redness, and blurry vision are just a few problems that dry eyes can… Read More

These Are the Top Eye Care Tips to Follow This Summer

Taking care of your eyes is a job that requires your attention all year round. However, each different season brings on different challenges.  It is good to remind yourself of what you should focus on when the season changes. Keep reading to learn some top eye care tips to follow this summer! Be Mindful of… Read More

Does Glaucoma Have Symptoms?

Glaucoma is an eye condition disease that can cause permanent vision damage. However, it often shows next to no warning signs. Glaucoma, if left untreated, can cause gradual vision loss. The vision changes often start in the peripheral and are so gradual that you may not even notice them until they are advanced.  The best… Read More