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Does Everyone Get Cataracts?

Have you been wondering recently if you might get cataracts as you get older? Does a close family member have cataracts? If your vision seems blurry, this is often one of the most common signs associated with having cataracts. Keep reading to find out if everyone gets cataracts! Am I At Risk For Cataracts? Cataracts… Read More

Do You Need To See Your Eye Doctor Every Year?

Have you recently questioned if you need to make an appointment to have your eyes checked each year? You may have put off scheduling one because you’re not sure you need it. You may not think you have a reason to get an eye exam, especially if your eyesight seems fine right now. It may… Read More

What To Do After LASIK

Considering LASIK? It can lead to visual freedom, meaning clearer vision without glasses or contacts! Now that you have made this important decision, you should be prepared for what to expect after the procedure. Keep reading to learn what you can do to ensure a quick and healthy recovery after having LASIK! The Day of… Read More

What Does Having Dry Eyes Mean?

Do your eyes often feel uncomfortable? Do they sting or burn? These are some of the more common symptoms that come with a condition called dry eye syndrome. Sound familiar? Keep reading to learn more about what does having dry eyes mean! Symptoms of Dry Eyes If you have dry eyes, you may experience frustrating… Read More

3 Signs It May Be Time For Cataract Surgery

Do you suffer from cataracts? Is your vision blurry, foggy, or unclear? Do you have trouble distinguishing shapes and colors? Are you seeing halos around lights? These are all symptoms of cataracts. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is time to consider having cataract surgery. Keep reading for information about cataract surgery, and when… Read More