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Does Glaucoma Have Symptoms?

Glaucoma is an eye condition disease that can cause permanent vision damage. However, it often shows next to no warning signs. Glaucoma, if left untreated, can cause gradual vision loss. The vision changes often start in the peripheral and are so gradual that you may not even notice them until they are advanced.  The best… Read More

4 Signs It’s Time For Your Eye Exam 

Routine eye exams are essential for maintaining healthy eyes and clear vision. Regular eye exams allow your eye doctor to monitor your eyes and treat any problems that may arise to minimize the impact on your vision and eyes. If you haven’t had an eye exam recently, it may be time to visit your eye… Read More

What’s Causing Your Dry Eyes?

Are your eyes constantly red and itchy? Do you find yourself needing to blink frequently to clear your blurry vision? You may be suffering from dry eye syndrome, a very common eye condition that millions of Americans experience every year. You may ask, why is this problem so prevalent, and what can I do to… Read More

Are You a Good LASIK Candidate?

Sometimes, whether you’re a good LASIK candidate or not is out of your control. A lot of it has to do with the state of your eyesight and vision.  Other factors require you to be patient due to how your eyes develop and grow. However, determining whether or not you are a good fit for… Read More

3 Ways That Having Cataract Surgery Will Change Your Life

If you have cataracts, the only way to effectively treat them is by having cataract surgery. Removing your cataracts will restore your vision and ability to see clearly.  Getting cataract surgery can be a blessing. Getting cataract surgery signifies suffering from impaired vision for many patients.  You likely have trouble seeing in low-light, need to… Read More