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3 Reasons To Consider A Vision Correction Procedure

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts all day, every day? The hassles of visual aids can reach a point where the issues with them almost outweigh the benefits. Unfortunately, though, you need glasses or contacts to see and get through your days. But, with permanent vision correction, you can leave glasses and contacts… Read More

Should You Be Concerned About Diabetic Retinopathy?

If you have diabetes, then you have to be painstakingly careful about your eye health. Diabetes has the potential to take your eyesight from you if you do not manage it properly. Diabetic retinopathy is one such way diabetes can ruin your vision. It can occur anytime in anyone who has diabetes. That means you… Read More

Why Is Glaucoma The Silent Thief of Sight?

Of all the conditions that can affect your eyes, glaucoma is one of the scariest. That’s because it can take your vision before you even know you have it. Its ability to cause vision loss without displaying any symptoms gives it the nickname the silent thief of sight. Keep reading to learn more about glaucoma… Read More

10 Things To Keep In Mind Around Fireworks This Summer

Do you enjoy spending warm summer evenings watching fireworks? When you set off fireworks, do you think about how you can keep your eyes safe? To educate the public, the AAO observes June as Fireworks Eye Safety Month. This means that an entire month is dedicated to how to protect your eyes from fireworks. It… Read More

Does Everyone Get Cataracts?

Have you been wondering recently if you might get cataracts as you get older? Does a close family member have cataracts? If your vision seems blurry, this is often one of the most common signs associated with having cataracts. Keep reading to find out if everyone gets cataracts! Am I At Risk For Cataracts? Cataracts… Read More