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What Are The Best At Home Dry Eye Treatments?

Dry eyes affect millions every year, primarily because the eye condition can start for many various reasons. Your eyes need tears in order to function. 

If there is a problem with making those tears, your eyes will suffer for it. Itchiness, grittiness, redness, and blurry vision are just a few problems that dry eyes can create. 

There is a lot you can do on your own to promote healthy tear production. Keep reading to learn the best at-home dry eye treatments!

Stay Hydrated

Tears are mostly made up of water. In order to create enough tears to protect and hydrate your eyes, your body itself needs to be hydrated.

Most people can get by drinking water when they are thirsty, but many people don’t actually do that. You should also remember to drink more water when exercising or in a hot or dry climate.

If it is difficult for you to get your hydration through water alone, remember food carries a lot of water. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, are highly concentrated with water. 

Be Careful Using A/C

Staying cool can help preserve your body’s water supply, but air conditioning can cause other problems. The cold, dry air can evaporate the water from your eyes. 

You don’t have to suffer in the summer heat, but make sure your air conditioning and fans are pointed away from your face. You can also use a humidifier to counteract the drying effect of the air conditioning.

Having extra air moisture will help preserve your tears. 

Warm Compresses to Soothe Symptoms

Warm compresses are a simple but effective household remedy to help improve dry eye symptoms. Use warm water to soak a clean washcloth.

Wring out excess water, fold the cloth, and place it over your eyes as you lay down. Leave it there for several minutes at a time. 

If the cloth gets cold, dip it in the water and wring it out again. The soothing heat and wetness can also open up clogged oil glands. 

This oil is necessary for healthy tears. It covers the surface of the eye like a barrier against evaporating.  

Artificial Tears for Instant Relief

Itchy eyes can be a sore temptation. Rubbing your eyes may feel good in the moment, but at best, it won’t help the problem at all. 

At worst, you could actively damage your eye. For instant relief, use eye drops.

Over-the-counter lubricating drops are excellent, and you can get different types of your preference. If you want to increase lubrication overnight, get a thicker eye drop that can soothe the surface of your eyes overnight. 

Visit a Professional for Help

If you try at-home methods and do not notice an improvement in your symptoms, it’s best to seek professional help. Your eye doctor can develop a treatment plan to effectively reduce your unwanted eye symptoms.

Do you want to learn more ways to improve your dry eye symptoms? Schedule an appointment at Advanced Eye Care in New Lenox, IL, today!