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Why Do My Allergies Cause Dry Eyes?

Do you have allergies? During allergy season, do you develop dry eye symptoms as well? Dry eyes and allergies are two of the most common eye conditions. Both have similar symptoms and result in severe eye irritation. To treat allergies and dry eyes, there are easy treatments and lifestyle changes you can put in place…. Read More

6 Signs It’s Time For Your Eye Exam

Do you remember the last time you had an eye exam? Have you noticed that it’s harder to see things clearly? These are signs that it is time for you to get an eye exam. Having regular eye exams is as important as getting your annual physical. Regular eye exams are important for monitoring your… Read More

Are You A Good Candidate For Vision Correction?

Do you find yourself annoyed with your contacts or glasses? Have you caught yourself daydreaming about life without needing either? After a while, glasses or contacts can be inconvenient and annoying. Want to find out more about vision correction procedures? The first thing you should do is talk to your eye doctor. They will help… Read More

Can I Get LASIK In The Winter?

Has it been challenging to find time to book your LASIK eye surgery? Has getting LASIK been a New Year’s resolution for years? Identifying the best time to get LASIK is important. You need to find a time when you can take a few days off to recover. Why not do it this winter? Most… Read More

4 Tips When Undergoing Cataract Surgery

Are you nervous about having cataract surgery? Have you been wondering how you should prepare for the procedure?We understand that getting surgery is a big deal. Anyone is going to be nervous about getting a procedure completed on their eyes. Getting cataract surgery lets you live your life the way you want to. Cataracts are… Read More