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3 Ways That Having Cataract Surgery Will Change Your Life

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If you have cataracts, the only way to effectively treat them is by having cataract surgery. Removing your cataracts will restore your vision and ability to see clearly. 

Getting cataract surgery can be a blessing. Getting cataract surgery signifies suffering from impaired vision for many patients. 

You likely have trouble seeing in low-light, need to keep changing your prescription, and what you can see is dim and faded. Living with cataracts can be frustrating and even unsafe.

But cataract surgery can give you a full range of vibrant vision again. Keep reading to learn about three ways that having cataract surgery will change your life!

1. You Get Your Vision Back

If it’s time for you to get cataract surgery, you’ve likely been living with dull and fading vision for some time. One of the most apparent signs it’s time to consider cataract surgery is when your eyesight holds you back from completing daily activities. 

Living with eyesight that prohibits you from doing even the simplest things is frustrating and challenging. Cataract surgery ends that frustration.

Cataracts form as proteins in the natural lens of your eye that gradually break down and clump together. As they gather, they make your lens white and cloudy.

Eventually, this cloudiness will block light from passing through your lens. This process is how cataracts degrade your eyesight.

Cataract surgery removes your cloudy natural lens and replaces it with an artificial intraocular lens (called an IOL). IOLs handle the duty that your natural lens no longer could.

They focus light onto your retina, and depending on the IOL you choose, can do so from various distances and focal ranges.

No matter what IOL you choose for cataract surgery, it will make your vision crisp and clear again. Depending on your IOL, it could give you the best eyesight of your life.

2. You May Never Need Glasses Again

IOLs come in a wide variety of styles and capabilities. Standard or monofocal IOLs are the most basic type.

They give you crisp vision, but only at one focal point or distance. That means if you correct your distance vision with a monofocal IOL, for example, you will still need glasses for near vision.

But you’ll have excellent vision for the distance that the monofocal IOL corrects. If you’d prefer to no longer need glasses after cataract surgery, there are options for you as well.

Premium or multifocal IOLs can correct vision at more than one distance. Most focus your sight at two distances, but some have three focal points. Others give you a full range of sight without any disruptions.

The most advanced premium IOLs can significantly reduce or even end your need for glasses. They give you clear vision at far, intermediate, and near distances, allowing you to have clear vision without glasses, no matter what you’re doing.

3. You Could Have The Best Eyesight of Your Life

If you’ve worn glasses or had astigmatism for your entire life, you may think there is no way to achieve visual freedom. But, during cataract surgery, you can have clear vision at all distances with the proper IOL.

If you have astigmatism, some IOLs can correct it. These are toric IOLs. Toric lenses are special lenses that focus light despite the irregular shape of your cornea.

If the IOL you select has a toric model, you can correct your astigmatism while removing your cataracts in one procedure. Doing this will allow you to reduce your dependence on glasses while enjoying improved eyesight! 

Is it time for you to have cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Advanced Eye Care S.C. in New Lenox, IL, to discuss your options!