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Should I Get An Eye Exam Before The New School Year?

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The autumn months bring new beginnings. For most, this also means a new school year! Whether you’re a parent or you’re not sure if it’s time for an eye exam, this is a good time to think about one.

Before your schedule gets too busy, make sure to add an eye exam to your agenda. Keep reading to learn why it’s a good idea to plan to have an eye exam before the new school year!

Improved Eyesight for Taking Notes

Improved vision is the best reason to get an eye exam before you head back to school. If you are nearsighted, then you’ll find it difficult to see at a distance.

In school, this can be quite the problem, no matter what class you’re in or taking. The front row may not be close enough to see what your instructor writes on the board.

If your instructor writes in small print, then those odds are even slimmer. This is also likely to be the case if you’re farsighted.

You may be able to read what is on the board, but can you see the notes you are writing or typing? Getting an eye exam is the best way to make sure your vision is ready for a new year of classes.

Your optical prescription may need to be adjusted to improve your vision. To do your best in school, you want to be ready before school starts, not after. Having an eye exam early and before the school year gets started is the best solution for this.


Seasonal allergies cause trouble for many students. The worst times for seasonal allergies are in the fall and the spring.

Seasonal allergies can impair your vision. They can cause your eyes to become dry and irritated. If your eyeglass or contact lenses prescription is not updated, these symptoms can make it hard to see.

During your eye exam, your ophthalmologist will check your eyes for signs of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome persists without the presence of seasonal allergies.

It is treatable through special eye drops. You can also treat dry eye symptoms by making small lifestyle changes like drinking enough water and avoiding dry air when possible.

Having your eyes checked for dry eye syndrome before you go back to school can provide relief in the face of seasonal allergies. Eye exams also allow your ophthalmologist to check for any signs of cataracts or other eye conditions.

If you are a younger student, then it is unlikely that you will have any signs of cataract development. Your eye doctor may also check your eye pressure for signs of glaucoma.

It’s unlikely if you’re young, but it never hurts to check. If your eye doctor does find any abnormalities, this is something you can discuss and treat.

Schedule an Eye Exam

Know that it’s been too long since your last eye exam? Get your eyes in their best shape for a new school year by scheduling an eye exam with Advanced Eye Care in New Lenox, IL!

If you have any eye concerns, an eye exam is the perfect time to bring these up!