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Can You Treat Dry Eyes?

Man rubbing eyes because of dry eye

Dry eye, also known as dry eye syndrome, is a condition that affects the tear glands. The inability to produce the required amount of tears needed to lubricate the eyes is a known cause of dry eyes.

This can cause your eyes to be quite uncomfortable, and to even experience pain. Keep reading to learn more about if you can treat dry eyes!

Dry eyes can be either temporary or chronic

Temporary dry eyes occur as a result of your environment. Staying in a dry environment for a long time can result in dry eyes.

Smoky environments can also make you more likely to develop dry eyes. Chronic dry eyes are a lot more severe.

It means the condition has gone on for an extended period of time. If your condition has persisted for too long, you may have to take more drastic treatment options.

This may mean that you will have to learn to manage and live with dry eyes.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Some of the symptoms that are known to cause dry eyes include:

How to Treat Dry Eyes

There are a few different ways that you can treat dry eyes. The first solution you should try is to change your environment.

Environments that are windy or smoky can cause your eyes to become dry. This is especially true if you are already prone to dry eyes.

The second simple solution you can try is over-the-counter medications. Some over-the-counter medications like eye drops can be beneficial for dry eyes.

Many eye drops are also known as “re-wetting drops” or “artificial tears.” These are eye drops specifically designed to lubricate dry eyes. Depending on the brand, many of these eye drops provide relief that lasts for a while.

For severe dry eye syndrome, your ophthalmologist may prescribe you medication. This medication will help to reduce the inflammation on the eyelids.

Simple At-Home Treatments

Another thing you can try are some simple at-home treatments. You may want to start with a warm compress or washcloth held against your eyes for relief.

You can also try adding more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. This can include fatty fish like salmon and tuna.

If you take part in sports like skiing, swimming, and biking, make sure you wear the right eye protection. Following these treatments can make a difference in decreasing your dry eye symptoms.

Tried the above treatments but your dry eyes aren’t getting any better? Schedule an appointment at Advanced Eye Care in New Lenox, IL today!