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What Can I Expect During Cataract Surgery?

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Do you think it is time for cataract surgery? Does having eye surgery while you are still awake concern you?

When you are having any kind of surgery, it never hurts to be prepared. In fact, it’s better to understand the process and what to expect.

Before any surgical procedure, you need to make sure you’re comfortable. Keep reading to learn what you can expect during cataract surgery!

What are cataracts?

When a patient develops cloudy lenses, they have developed cataracts. When the natural lens in your eye turns cloudy and makes it hard to see, it’s a sign that you have developed cataracts.

Cataracts can cause many frustrating symptoms like:

When cataracts affect your quality of life, you want to consider cataract surgery.

How do you prepare for cataract surgery?

Before surgery, some doctors prefer that you do not eat or drink in the 12 hours before surgery. They may also recommend that you stop taking certain medications.

Some medications can cause bleeding. You need to tell your doctor all the medications you are taking.

If your doctor prescribes eye drops, use them as prescribed leading up to the surgery.

What happens before cataract surgery?

Before your surgery, your doctor will do an ultrasound of your eyes to determine the size and shape of them. This will happen at least a week before surgery.

Your doctor will discuss intraocular lens (IOL) options with you. They will help you select an IOL that lets you see how you want to post-surgery.

The IOL is the artificial lens that replaces your eye’s natural lens. The lens is important because it helps light focus in the back of your eye.

There are a variety of lenses. They offer different features, vision goals, and materials. You need to pick out the IOL that will let you see and live the life you want.

What happens during cataract surgery?

Usually, cataract surgery lasts for less than an hour and is an outpatient procedure. To start the procedure, your doctor will use eye drops to dilate your eyes, followed by numbing drops to numb your eyes. This ensures you will never feel any pain during cataract surgery.

If you’re especially nervous, you may want to have a sedative. This will calm you down during the procedure. You are awake during the procedure, but groggy.

During surgery, your surgeon will remove the cloudy natural lens and then insert your IOL. But some patients decide not to pick out an IOL.

Your doctor can use one of two ways to remove the lens. The first option involves using an ultrasound stick to break up the natural lens.

To do this, your doctor will make a small cut in your eye, where they then insert the stick into the lens. The probe breaks down the cataract and removes it.

They leave the back of the lens to keep the IOL in place. Then, your doctor may use stitches to close the incision in the cornea.

For the second option, the entire lens is removed at once and the back is then left to hold the IOL in place.

After cataract surgery, it’s normal if your vision seems blurry or unstable. This could last for a few days. After this time, your vision will start to stabilize and clear up. If you have any problems, contact your doctor.

Are you ready to have cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Advanced Eye Care, SC in New Lenox, IL now! Why wait if you’re tired of dealing with the frustrating symptoms of cataracts?