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6 Signs It’s Time For Your Eye Exam

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Do you remember the last time you had an eye exam? Have you noticed that it’s harder to see things clearly?

These are signs that it is time for you to get an eye exam. Having regular eye exams is as important as getting your annual physical.

Regular eye exams are important for monitoring your vision and detecting any conditions early. Also, for most eye conditions, early detection is key to preventing vision loss. Keep reading for 6 signs it’s time for your eye exam!

1. Your Vision Has Changed

If you find yourself holding books close up or far away when reading, you probably need to see an eye doctor. Not being able to see clearly can affect your work, hobbies, and quality of life.

Going to the eye doctor is the only way you can get a diagnosis of being nearsighted, farsighted or having astigmatism. Once diagnosed, you can get glasses or contacts to help you see. Your quality of life will improve once you can see.

2. You Don’t Remember When Your Last Eye Exam Was

This is already a sign that you need to schedule an eye exam. If you know it’s been too long since your last eye exam, you need to have one.

Most eye doctors recommend that you get an eye exam every year or two, depending on your eye health.

3. You Experience Headaches Near Your Eyes

If you strain your eyes too much, you can start getting headaches around your eyes. If you get headaches around or near your eyes, it can be a sign you need reading glasses or your glasses are too strong.

Headaches can also be connected to more serious eye conditions. Getting regular eye exams is important for having healthy eyes.

4. Your Eyes Seem Dry

We look at screens throughout the day for work, to talk to our friends, and to relax. If your eyes feel dry all the time, you should see an eye doctor.

They can help you figure out a treatment plan that resolves your dry eye symptoms. Also, dry eye is more common for women as they age. Dry eye can lead to more serious problems, so don’t ignore it!

5. Driving at Night is Difficult

If you find it difficult to drive at night, this is one of the first signs of age-related vision changes. If driving at night is more challenging, you may want to schedule an eye exam.

If you have difficulty driving at night, you may have issues seeing different levels of light. This may also lead to an inability to read signs or seeing halos around lights. You want to be a safe and good driver, and having good vision is part of that.

6. You Have a Medical Condition that Affects Eyes

There are medical conditions that can affect your eye health. They include diabetes, thyroid conditions, high blood pressure, and more.

You might not think that they can affect your eye health, but they do. Getting regular eye exams are important for managing these conditions. If you keep these medical conditions under control, it’s much easier to keep your eyes healthy.

Are you ready to schedule an eye exam? Contact the experts at Advanced Eye Care in New Lenox, IL to schedule yours!