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11 Tips To Prepare Before LASIK

Do you find yourself thinking about your LASIK eye surgery? Are you thinking about the things you need to do to prepare?

Taking the time to prepare will relax you and make you less nervous. You’re also more likely to have a successful surgery!

We know that your vision is important, and it’s totally normal if you’re scared or anxious before LASIK. LASIK has a very high success rate but it never hurts to prepare! Keep reading for 11 tips to prepare before LASIK!

One Month Before Surgery

Make sure to listen to your doctor for any other ways they recommend you prepare:

1. In the month before surgery, stop using gas permeable contact lenses. This specific type of lens can cause major modifications to your cornea.

2. About two weeks before your procedure, you should stop wearing soft contact lenses. It is important to follow this instruction to make sure your corneas are stable and do not change. Soft contact lenses can cause the shape of your cornea to change temporarily.

3. If you work, make sure to request time off. Post-surgery it is important to let your eyes heal, so you need extra rest.

4. You should talk to your surgeon to find out how many days they recommend taking off. Most patients find they are able to go back to work the day after LASIK, but it depends!

The Day Before LASIK

5. Arrange transportation to and from your procedure. You will not be able to drive after surgery, so you will need help getting home. After a few days, your vision should adjust and you can go back to driving.

6. Remember to not wear any makeup, creams, perfumes, or lotions. It is important to make sure your eyes are clean before surgery.

Some surgeons will ask you to wash your eyes to prevent any chances of infection before LASIK.

7. Coordinate how you are going to pay for any LASIK services. If they are going to be pre-paid, know that you need to bring the full balance. If you’re going with financing, make sure to set up a payment method to start paying your payments.

8. Keep track of any questions you have for your surgeon. This way you can make sure to ask them before the surgery.

The Day of LASIK
9. Stay calm. It is very common to be anxious before surgery. Your surgeon will work hard to keep you calm before the procedure.

Some patients need anti-anxiety medications. If you think you need anti-anxiety medication, please tell your surgeon. They will want you to be at ease during LASIK!

10. Make sure to eat a small meal before surgery. Most LASIK surgeons will let you take any normal prescriptions before getting LASIK. You will not be put under while getting LASIK, so eat enough that you don’t feel faint.

11. Dress in comfortable and casual clothing. You should be as comfortable as possible during and after getting LASIK.

You do not want to have to change when you get home. Please avoid any fabrics that could shed; you do not want to get fibers in your eyes.

It is important to be as prepared as possible for LASIK eye surgery. Following these steps will help you feel more relaxed and prepared for your surgery.

Still feeling nervous about LASIK or wondering if it’s right for you? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Advanced Eye Care SC in New Lenox, IL today!