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5 Tips For Surviving Allergy Season

The trees are blooming, the grass is green, bees are buzzing…and you’re sneezing? Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there! Your eyes are watering, itchy, and red, plus you can’t stop sneezing! Keep reading for tips on how to survive this allergy season!

1. Don’t wear your shoes inside!

For that matter, if you’ve been outside and become covered in pollen, change once you get home. Many people don’t realize it but allergens like pollen cling to you like Velcro.

The smartest thing you can do is immediately change into different clothes at home. Your clothes should make it into the hamper as soon as possible.

Feeling itchy or uncomfortable? Taking a shower and washing any pollen that’s gotten on your skin or in your hair can help as well.

2. Invest in a Neti Pot

For allergy sufferers, the neti pot might be the best invention since sliced bread! Seriously, neti pots and saline solutions can help a lot.

If you’re not already familiar with them, neti pots are little pots that clear out your nose. To use them, you fill the pot up with filtered water and a special saline solution.

Then, you pour the spout of the neti pot in your upper nostril. While breathing through your mouth, the liquid drains out of your lower nostril.

It sounds kind of gross, but neti pots are extremely good at getting debris and mucus out of your nasal cavity. Yes, you could try blowing your nose but neti pots are great at getting out everything!

If you are using a neti pot, make sure to wash it thoroughly after each use to prevent mold or other problems.

3. Reduce contact lens use during allergy season

Many allergy sufferers are also contact lens wearers. Here’s the problem with that: wearing contacts can actually attract more pollen!

Since your eyes are not shielded by your glasses, you’re more likely to end up with pollen in your eyes. And we all know what pollen in the eyes means: itchy, red, painful, and irritated eyes.

If allergies affect your eyes, you may want to not wear contacts during allergy season. Glasses are much better at keeping pollen out of your eyes. You can always go back to wearing your contacts once your allergy symptoms dissipate!

4. Stock up on OTC eye drops

Can’t take your dry, itchy eyes for another minute? They could need some extra moisture and lubrication! During allergy season, it’s a good idea to always have eye drops on you.

Yes, you can easily buy eye drops to relieve your itchy eyes! You don’t even need a prescription to do it.

When buying eye drops, make sure you’re buying drops that don’t contain preservatives. Preservatives can actually dry out your eyes even further!

5. Visit your eye doctor for an appointment

Tried all the tips above but your allergies are still irritating your sensitive eyes? It might be time to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

You may have dry eye, or allergies that need stronger medication to treat. Seeing your eye doctor for treatment means you’ll finally get relief!

Ready to tackle your dry, itchy, and irritated allergy-ridden eyes for good? Schedule an appointment at Advanced Eye Care in New Lenox, IL today!